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The 13rd Meeting of the Spanish Society of Geomorphology will be held in Cáceres from 9th to 12nd September 2014.

With the motto “Geomorphology to be applied” the Congress focusses on the diverse applications in all the fields of Geomorphology, highlighting the role of the discipline in solving environmental problems. We encourage the presentation of studies contributing to improve the perception of Geomorphology in society.

As a novelty, a brief workshop about publishing research papers in high quality journals in Geomorphology will be held, entitled “Authoring manuscripts for geomorphology journals”  and run by Professor Stuart Lane (Editor in chief of the journal Earth Surface Processes and Landforms). A brief description is provided below.

An important role focus will be ascribed to poster sessions by providing enough time every journey. We expect this to be a forum of informal discussion in a relaxed environment  during these sessions.

All the communications presented at the meeting, oral talks as well as posters, will be published in the conference book (including an ISBN). The format for the papers will be specified further on and the extension will be 4 pages. Before final acceptation works will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee in order to guarantee their quality.

Additionaly, the possibility of publishing a special issue of the journal Cuaternario y Geomorfología with a selection of the works presented to the Conference will be discussed. These works should be modified or adapted to fulfill the journal requirements.

The official languages of the Meeting will be Spanish and English. No simultaneous translation services or devices will be provided.

Brief description of the workshop "Authoring manuscripts for geomorphology journals".

This workshop aims to help geomorphologists to get their work published. It identifies the basic characteristics of a good manuscript in terms of (a) originality and significance; and (b) rigour. It uses these characteristics to define the structure of a ‘conventional’ geomorphological article by successfully identifying and justifying the motivation for the research; clearly and fully explaining the methods used; and presenting and discussing the results obtained. The role of published literature in sustaining all elements of an article is considered and the natural symmetry between parts of an article is illustrated. These practical elements regarding the form and content of an article are then developed through: (a) flagging some of the common mistakes made by authors drawing upon my experience as Managing Editor of the journal Earth Surface Processes and Landforms; (b) discussing the ethical and legal issues, including plagiarism, that relate to article submission; and (c) considering how best to handle the review process. During the workshop, participants will be encouraged to bring particular questions and there will be lots of time for discussion.